Financial Services


Finance becomes a real issue to all enterprises if not wisely planned ahead. A small step taken in the wrong direction can diminish flourishing endeavours to voids – literally.

We offer intelligent solutions in finance, wealth and insurance management. Our deep-seated domain experience allows us to support financial institutions to overcome the challenging setbacks resulting from unexpected situations or long-term negligence. We help you deftly journey through mergers and acquisitions.

We harness our accumulated experience and sharpened thought processes to surface with winning edge solutions that reduce operational costs, manage risks, align technological processes, draft long-term economical and regulatory steps and retain beneficiary customers.

VIXA’s Finance experts act as a catalyst in the advancement of existing businesses by sieving out fresh business opportunities and supervising the various phases of new ventures through insightful budget planning, fund mobilization, project analysis and audit measures.


We offer:

1. Mobilization of Fund

2. Loan syndication

3. Private Equity

4. Financial Restructuring

5. Project Evaluation

6. Project Report Preparation

7. Cost Audit

8. Internal Audit/Special Audit

9. Merger and Acquisition