Statutory Compliance Services


Compliance to the laws of the land is the cornerstone of effective corporate governance. Non-compliance or negligence of the statutes can result in severe backlashes to the organization including late fee filings or grave court prosecutions. Along with safeguarding your company from unnecessary legal actions, Central and State Acts, with timely amendments, are coined to assure your company’s proper and friction-free functioning.

We offer industry-specific statutory compliance and legal support facilitating the corporate enterprises to abide by different and essential laws without any delay. We help you identify legal loopholes for company’s avoidable financial obligations. Our team has members with profound knowledge in legal matters to provide wise suggestions and advices for risk mitigation. We formulate personalized guidelines to suit client requirements.

VIXA’s legal experts conduct cross-check measures of the existing Acts, rules and regulations related to many areas comprising Finance, Labour, Technical and HR for the due diligence of our valued clients. Compliance-related issues on Income Tax, Sales Tax, PF & ESI, Customs, HR, and Companies Act – all are covered under our single roof carefully. Detailed audits are made to probe into the statutory compliance and other special industry regulations to minimize your company’s compliance risk profile. Our Statutory Compliance services zero in on reducing fines, facilitating better engagement of resources, remodeling headcounts, improving performance, saving significant cost and enhancing productivity and human relations.

Our consistent compliance monitoring and custom-built guidelines make your corporate structure intact, efficient, reliable smooth-flowing.

Statutory Compliance as per:

1. EPF and ESI

2. Service Tax

3. Corporate Tax & Income Tax

4. Companies Act

5. Sales Tax and VAT

6. Customs Act and Central Excise