HR Services

hrThe catchword here is “Right’. We are familiar with news about companies boasting of their success stories, awards, certifications, accolades and newfangled technology. But , along with you, we also know that it is the sharp human intellect, the hard work, the dedication, the endurance and the diverse skill sets behind the screen that sculpt those unrivalled triumphs. Beyond doubt, the right manpower forms the pulse and heartbeat of a company.


It’s all about people and we are good at the art of deep-rooted analysis of human nature and talents. Once they come out of our alley successfully, we point out the right one to befit your business environment. We offer training programs to make them smarter and goal-oriented so that they blend in smoothly with your exact requirements.


If you are not in a situation to hire people on a temporary or permanent basis, we have veterans among our counsel to offer long-term and winning advices to patch up unexpected HR vacuums.


Apart from taking care of proper staffing needs, we offer staunch support as an HR Compliance advisor who can reduce your hassles in the sensitive workforce related issues. It is mandatory that companies should comply with the Labour Laws which are amended recurrently. We skillfully manage your HR compliance issues without affecting your business – either cost-wise or human resource wise.


Our HR releated Services:

1. HR Audit

2. HR compliance services

3. Manpower consultancy services

4. Training and development